Maarten Pieters | Signify (NL)


Maarten Pieters is Head of Co-creation and People Insight for the award-winning Design and User Experience department at Signify, formerly Philips Lighting. Together with his team he works across all departments to inspire the organisation to adopt a co-creative approach. His main mission is to transform Philips Lighting into a truly co-creative organisation. Maarten is co-author of the recent published book ‘The 7 Principles Of Complete Co-creation’, which presents a comprehensive and practical view on co-creation. He co-introduced the term ‘Complete co-creation’ further developing existing co-creation theories.


Lavinia Kochanski | Kaufland (DE)

Lavinia Kochanski, a graduate of Business Administration, has been working for Kaufland since 2014. Having held several positions at various departments, she has been International CSR Manager since October 2017. Lavinia and her team work on developing the company’s CSR activities and making Kaufland a more responsible and greener company in cooperation with other departments, business partners and suppliers.


Barbora Ruščin | Deutsche Telekom (SK)

Barbora is a Senior Employer Brand Consultant at Deutsche Telekom, with a background in mar/comms, IT and HR. Her passion is organizational design and culture, and their impact on the underlying notions of the 360 brand experience (like employee engagement, customer satisfaction or operational excellence). Currently dealing with a mild version of a pre-mid-life-crisis, Barbora devotes a lot of time to co-create with her recently discovered inner latent feminist, in support of a gender aware and balanced organizations.

Alessandro Lagazio | IKEA (IT)

Alessandro works as the People & Culture Manager at IKEA for Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. He comes with this background also from Italy and United States, dealing with the complexity of different work environments. Alessandro strives for employee engagement and together with his team he works to promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in the work environment, in which everyone thrives and equality is integrated throughout the entire business plan process.

Pia Webb | Quality of Life Consultant, Life and Career coach (SE)


Pia Webb inspired and coached thousands of managers in Sweden and in the United Kingdom. As a Quality of Life Consultant and certified Life and Career coach, she portrays the link between the individual’s success and success of the organization. Based on her experiences she created Webbs Quality of Life Model© in 2009, which has changed lives of many people for the better. She is on the mission to take the model global. She wrote her recommendations into the self-coaching handbook Improve Your Own Quality of Life: The Swedish Way, which has been awarded as Finalist in the International Book Awards 2015, USA, under the category Motivational Self-Help book.


Soňa Slobodníková | Value for Money Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Soňa Slobodníková started working at the Value for Money Unit at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic when it was established in June 2016. While she was working there, she co-created reviews of expenditure in the areas of health care, employment policies, and social policies. In October 2018, Soňa and her colleagues from the analytical units at other ministries published a cost-benefit analysis of early intervention for hearing-impaired children titled “Počúvajme potreby včasnej intervencie” (Listen to the Needs of Early Intervention). She has been working at the Institute of Financial Policy at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic since November 2018.

Tatiana Švrčková | Slovak Telekom

Tatiana is responsible for CSR, philanthropy, and corporate sponsoring at the Corporate Communication Department of Slovak Telekom. She represents the company in working groups and associations such as BLF and ASFIN. She has helped create grant programs for people with hearing impairment titled “Hľadáme ďalší zmysel pre podnikanie” (Finding New Meaning – Business), the Mobile Teacher operational program, the Fund for Transparent Slovakia, and the Donors Message Service. She engages in long-term cooperation with various non-profit and state-subsidized organizations such as Dobrý anjel (Good Angel), the Veľký Slavkov Halfway House, the Mountain Rescue Service, the Nepočujucedieta.sk (Deaf Child) civic association, Od emócií k poznaniu (From Emotion to Knowledge), Komenského inštitút (the Comenius Institute), and Teach for Slovakia.

Jaroslav Grygar | Whirlpool Slovakia

Jaroslav has 13 years of practical experience in the areas of HR management, employee development, company value creation, philanthropy, volunteering, coaching, lean management, WCM, ISO standard implementation, and negotiation, among others. Since 2014, he has held the position of Senior HR Manager at Whirlpool Slovakia, where he is responsible for the HR Department as well as internal and external communication (PR), CSR, and employee development and education. He also heads the company’s CSR strategy project for the EMEA region.

Kristína Hudeková | čiernalabuť.sk

Kristína is the Editor-in-Chief of čiernalabuť.sk (“Black Swan”) – an online portal about the environment, education, society, and spirituality. She studied journalism and natural resource management. In addition to publishing articles, she also hosts a regular segment on Radio_FM with tips on how to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. She has been a vegetarian for many years and is also an active urban cyclist.

Peter Jančárik | Seesame

Peter works as a partner and strategist for the Seesame PR agency, leading its Social Impact Team. For more than 12 years, he has been focusing on the topic of corporate communication as well as the communication of citizens’ initiatives and non-profit organizations. As a co-founder of the Konšpirátori.sk (“Conspiracists”) project, he demonstrates what the private sector can do in order to combat misinformation and fake news. In addition to leading workshops, he also creates and offers instruction on communication strategies and campaigns that help companies and organizations engage in a meaningful dialog.

Marcela Krajčová | Philip Morris Slovakia

Marcela works as the People & Culture Manager at Philip Morris Slovakia. In the past, she has also worked as an HR Business Partner for Development, Education, and Recruitment and led several regional and global projects focusing on change and transformation. Marcela received valuable knowledge and experience during her work in HR consulting, where she designed and carried out projects focusing on development, selection, evaluation, and diagnostics. She also has an affinity for the non-profit sector – both as an employee and a volunteer. Having studied andragogy at university, she always tries to find opportunities for continuous education. She has received the HOGAN, MBTI, and NPL Practitioner certificates and attended several coaching trainings, workshops, and conferences as both a regular attendee as well as a speaker and lecturer.

Katarína Kretter | ENVI - PAK

Katarína has been working for PRO ENVI – PAK since 2008. She is responsible for the organization’s marketing, internal and external communication, public awareness projects, and she is also its spokesperson. Her previous work experience includes communication and advertising agencies, where she focused on the topics of technology and health care.

Dušan Matuška | OCTAGO


Dušan (a.k.a. Dušky) is one of the co-founders of OCTAGO. For four years now, he and his colleagues have been building workout playgrounds for cities, schools, resorts, and gardens in Slovakia as well as abroad. They want all generations to get enough movement, which is why they come to schools to organize festivals of movement under the title Rozhýb Svoju Školu (“Move Your School”). Last year, Dušky established a Corporate Services Department at OCTAGO that is gradually gaining popularity. He has decided to promote employee health in a brand-new way – the OCTAGO way. 🙂

Michaela Mudroňová | People in Need Slovakia

Michaela has a long-term interest in employment services for disadvantaged groups. She works with the corporate sector, the state administration, schools, and NGOs to implement innovative employment programs. For a year now, she has been working for People in Need Slovakia as a Coordinator of Job Counseling Services in Marginalized Roma Communities. Before that, she spent five years focusing on the topic of youth employment as a Project Manager at the EPIC non-profit organization.

Hana Nováková | ENVI - PAK

Hana has worked in several multinational corporations at various positions, even as a member of their senior management. One of these is ENVI – PAK, which became the first responsibility organization in Slovakia in 2004. When ENVI – PAK was established in 2003, Hana was representing one of its co-founders. She has held the position of ENVI – PAK’s General Manager since 2005 and chaired its Board of Directors since 2007. She is an active member of various associations, such as the international organizations EXPRA and PRO-EUROPE, which unite most of the European organizations that help producers meet the requirements established by the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.

Radek Pšenička | YIT Slovakia

Radek has been working for YIT Slovakia since 2013 and he currently heads the Business Development Department. He and his team are responsible for finding new business opportunities. This includes finding for new plots of land and projects in interesting parts of Bratislava, which is followed by preparing and successfully carrying out the whole acquisition process. Radek actively responds to changes in the market, always bringing new ideas to his company, including those in the field of CSR. He enjoys good architecture and urbanism, as well as innovations of all kinds.

Sandra Salamonová | Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization


Sandra Salamonová heads the Department for Coordination of Agenda 2030 at the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization. Her years of experience in the fields of public policymaking, partnership development, European matters, foreign aid, and project management (including tasks like preparation, program management, financial management, and evaluation) are a great asset to the coordination of Agenda 2030 and its sustainable development goals in a Slovak context.

Petra Satinová | Slovak Business Agency

Petra works as a lawyer for the Better Regulation Center, where she evaluates the impacts of proposed legislative measures on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME). The center carries out the MSME Test and proposes alternative legislative solutions that are better for businesses. Its employees analyze the costs and benefits of existing legislation and they also evaluate the degree of gold-plating – a phenomenon that occurs when the Slovak implementation of EU directives exceeds the level required.

Michal Satur | Tatra banka

Enthusiastic innovator, passionate about business and technology synergies. Currently, Michal is building new ecosystem focused on fintechs and startups. His mission is to connect two worlds – one of new out-of-box ideas with traditional banking world. He is also working on strategic customer centric projects at Tatra banka.

Lucia Skraková | Accenture


Lucia works for the HR Department at Accenture, where she is responsible for employee satisfaction and engagement, employee health programs, and especially diversity and inclusion programs. Her main areas of focus are creating suitable conditions for working parents and LGBT co-workers, supporting girls to study IT programs, and supporting minorities in finding work and developing careers. She works with various non-profit and state-subsidized organizations, especially Aj ty v IT (“You Can Be in IT too”).

Markéta Svobodová | IKEA

Markéta has worked at IKEA since September 2017 as a Sustainability Risk & Verification Reviewer. She conducts IWAY reviews/ audits at IKEA service providers in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Within IKEA, she is also working on several international projects. Three years ago, Markéta has founded, and since then has been leading, a volunteer group on sustainability, RespON, within a non-governmental organization called INEX-SDA. Besides that, she is working on PHD thesis about sustainability regarding plastics.

Kamil Šimkovič | CVIČTE.SK

Kamil Šimkovič has co-founded CVIČTE.SK – a portal focusing on a healthy lifestyle. He also publishes best-selling books and organizes a unique competition for excellent fitness coaches called FIT LEADER. CVIČTE.SK also works with corporate clients in the area of healthy catering and work benefits connected to employee health and performance. Kamil has previously worked in the corporate sector as an HR manager and he has been an entrepreneur since 2006.

Ján Záborský | TREND

Ján studied at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University in Bratislava. He has been working for the TREND magazine for almost 19 years. When he first started working there as reporter, he focused on the area of finance and insurance. He gradually worked his way up to become deputy editor-in-chief, a position he has held ever since.